Best Source Protein Diet

Best High Protein Source Diet

Protein makes up the building blocks of organs, muscles, skin, hormones and pretty much everything that matters in your body.
For this reason, you should eat high best high protein source diet.
Studies show that this improves health in various ways, such as helping you lose weight and belly fat, while increasing your muscle mass and strength (1Trusted Source, 2Trusted Source).
A diet high in protein also lowers blood pressure, fights diabetes and more (3Trusted Source).
The recommended daily intake (RDI) for protein is 46 grams for women and 56 grams for men.

However, many health and fitness experts believe that we need much more than that in order to function optimally.

The Best High Source Protein Diet.

1. Eggs

Whole eggs are among the healthiest and most nutritious foods on the planet.

They are loaded with vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, eye-protecting antioxidants and brain nutrients that most people don’t get enough of.

Whole eggs are high in protein, but egg whites are almost pure protein.

Protein content: 35% of calories in a whole egg. 1 large egg has 6 grams of protein, with 78 calories.


Almonds are a popular type of tree nut.
They are loaded with important nutrients, including fiber, vitamin E, manganese and magnesium.
Protein content: 13% of calories. 6 grams per ounce (28 g), with 161 calories.
Other High-Protein Nuts
Pistachios (13% of calories) and cashews (11% of calories).

3.Chicken Breast

Chicken breast is one of the most popular protein-rich foods.
If you eat it without the skin, the majority of calories in it come from protein.
Chicken breast is also very easy to cook, and tastes delicious if you do it right.
Protein content: 80% of calories. 1 roasted chicken breast without skin contains 53 grams, with only 284 calories.


Oats are among the healthiest grains on the planet.
They are loaded with healthy fibers, magnesium, manganese, thiamin (vitamin B1) and several other nutrients.
Protein content: 15% of calories. Half a cup of raw oats has 13 grams, with 303 calories.


Milk is highly nutritious, but the problem is that a huge percentage of the world’s population is intolerant to it.
However, if you tolerate milk and enjoy drinking it, then milk can be an excellent source of high-quality protein.
Milk contains a little bit of almost every single nutrient needed by the human body and can provide several impressive health benefits.
It is particularly high in calcium, phosphorus and riboflavin (vitamin B2).

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